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The salary gap between creators of the Slovenia WhatsApp Number List white race.  And prescribers of the black race is even wider and reaches 35%. To close this notable gap in terms of salaries. MSL Group and The Influencer League encourage BIPOC influencers to identify.  Themselves Slovenia WhatsApp Number List as such using the hashtag #diversecreator and agencies to give.  This type of influencers a voice by providing them with support.

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Transparency is also vital if both brands and agencies Slovenia WhatsApp Number List want to help resolve.  A pay gap that will only crack if open conversations are held around it. To free influencer marketing from the embarrassing salary gap it is indebted to from the Slovenia WhatsApp Number List creators’ point of view, MSL Group has created an internal platform called “Fluency” that is a kind of guide to improve the representation of minorities in the arena of marketing with Slovenia WhatsApp Number List prescribers .

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The agency has also created a space so that influencers can speak freely about their experiences with brands and. The emoluments with which they are entertained with the ultimate Slovenia WhatsApp Number List goal of boosting transparency. The salary gap in influencer marketing will only Slovenia WhatsApp Number List narrow with a good dose of transparency “We want agencies.  Brands and influencers to agree to have a more open dialogue about salaries,” explains Diana Littman, CEO of MSL Group in the United States, in a statement to AdWeek.


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