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Now, what should a brand take into account to France WhatsApp Number List achieve this goal? Silvia Martínez is clear: « Brands should be able to know the real funnel of their conversions. Today, most brands are still working with click-based attribution models , with all the France WhatsApp Number List technology on the market.”

Marketing Patners Consists

The biggest challenge for Silvia is to get hold of artificial intelligence models or algorithmic models. And this is precisely what V1 Marketing Patners consists of: “ I think France WhatsApp Number List we help our clients to know the whole real journey of their digital marketing actions , not only online, but also offline ”, continues Silvia.

France WhatsApp Number List

Through Interactions With The Brand

Although this real time must not be left aside, in which it is also France WhatsApp Number List necessary to be able to measure each advertising impact that the user receives, and not only through clicks, but also through interactions with the brand. “In the end, that is what I do the France WhatsApp Number List most, not only working that funnel through an SEM or affiliation strategy, but also how we are making that brand known to users,” she explains.


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