Knowing In Advance

Searches related to making plans with people increase Honduras WhatsApp Number List During 2021.  Normality has been incorporated into our plans and in-person meetings have been returning. This is demonstrated by the 206% increase in Google searches relat. To Honduras WhatsApp Number List restaurants with a terrace or 59% in summer weddings. Getting back together again is one of those trends this year that we will see again in 2022.

The Increased Time At Home

Consumers enhance their creativity and potential . The increased time at home (and with ourselves and our thoughts) led.  Many people to exploit their Honduras WhatsApp Number List potential and their interest in specific activities. Learning new tasks has been one of our specialties in this last year. Something that can be seen in the fact that searches for crochet for beginners have Honduras WhatsApp Number List grown by 86%.

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The Scenarios To Which More People

The path to a sustainable life Sustainability is one of the scenarios to which more people have attended this last year. More than 80% of consumers say that this topic, as well Honduras WhatsApp Number List as social responsibility, is more important now than before the coronavirus. This is reflected in searches related to donations or electricity schedules, which have grown by 50% and 30%, respectively.


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