Improving Decision-making

“If we look at this industry . We see what are the ingredients India WhatsApp Number List that have allowed it to grow fast. But grow steadily; that it grows solid, but that it grows at great speed ».  He assured, later emphasizing the« talent »that it entails. Eduardo García Riaño , Amazon ‘s India WhatsApp Number List Head of Gaming & eSports .  Explained that the platform’s priority is “to be close to gamers”.

He Mentioned Three In Particular

” We know that gamers are demanding, that they look for quality products , that’s why we India WhatsApp Number List support, develop and promote projects that we know can meet their expectations,” he said. Among these, he mentioned three in particular: the Amazon Gaming Store (the specialized store for gamers), the India WhatsApp Number List Amazon Gaming Week (a week of special offers) and the Amazon University eSports scholarships .

India WhatsApp Number List

Celebrate Our Gamergy Tour Latam

Finally, Eduardo López-Puertas , general director of IFEMA Madrid, announced that they India WhatsApp Number List were working on an “important project”. « It will take us in 2022 to celebrate our Gamergy Tour Latam, which will start in Argentina to go to Chile, continuing the tournament circuit again in Madrid and ending in Mexico already in August », he concluded.


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