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The story of the second part of XRey goes Spain WhatsApp Number List back again to the abdication process of Juan Carlos I . This time seen from the Spain WhatsApp Number List perspective of King Felipe VI. What were the tough decisions Felipe VI had to make? What was his role in the abdication? What role did Queen Sofía and Queen Letizia play ? Exhaustive journalistic investigation Spain WhatsApp Number List These are just some of.

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The questions that have led journalist Álvaro de Cózar, director and screenwriter of XRey.  And Toni Garrido, producer , to create this second part of the serial Spain WhatsApp Number List podcast. The XRey team is also made up of the journalist Eva Lamarca and has music by Ale Acosta . In addition to having Yago Mendivil in charge of sound design.

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To resolve these unknowns and Spain WhatsApp Number List thus reveal the lesser-known details of.  The history of the figure of Felipe VI in the Spanish monarchy. The project is based on an exhaustive journalistic investigation. The testimonies of friends and Spain WhatsApp Number List acquaintances close to Felipe VI, corresponding to different key stages of his life, will help answer some of these questions.


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