Buyers Consume

Social media will emerge as shopping-focus Benin WhatsApp Number List platforms.  Since “shopping” has become much more virtual during the pandemic.  Social networks are also destined to have much more prominence.  The thriving universe of e-commerce. In the United States alone, the number of shoppers using social commerce has increased by 25.2% to 80 Benin WhatsApp Number List million.

Will Predictably Exceed 100 Million

And the figure will predictably exceed 100 million buyers in 2023. 2. Short-form video will proliferate Thanks to TikTok, short videos are currently on the crest of the wave. During the Benin WhatsApp Number List first three months of 2020, the famous app registered 315 million downloads worldwide, thus setting all the records for the number of quarterly downloads in the universe of applications.

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Instagram Reels And YouTube Shorts

Aware of the Benin WhatsApp Number List push for short videos, other social networks have also launched features focused on this format. This is the case, for example, of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Everything points to the fact that, spurred on by this type of format, video will gobble up more than three quarters of the content on social networks in 2022.


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