Although Great Successes

But with the upcoming 2022 updates, users will be Cyprus WhatsApp Number List able to even report a chat. Subsequently, WhatsApp will assess whether to close said account permanently to avoid messages from strangers. The option to react to messages with Cyprus WhatsApp Number List emojis will be included Until now. On WhatsApp you can reply to a comment with text or emojis.

A New Functionality Will Surprise

But in 2022, a new functionality will surprise users: it will be possible to react to a certain message with Cyprus WhatsApp Number List heart, laughter, smile, anger or the classic like or dislike emoticons . All hearts will be animated Since 2014, only the red heart emoji was displayed large and animated (if typed alone). The rest of Cyprus WhatsApp Number List hearts of other colors did not change their appearance.

Cyprus WhatsApp Number List

The Animation Will Be Present

However, the most Cyprus WhatsApp Number List romantic are in luck. In this 2022, the animation will be present in all the heart emojis offered by the application.  Which will also be displayed large. What’s New in Media Submissions The latest news from WhatsApp is that.  It is going to redesign the screen from which multimedia content is sent.


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