A Mass Market

After turning the 2.0 universe upside down Russia WhatsApp Number List with its groundbreaking. Short videos (later cloned by almost all of its rivals).  The Chinese-born app now sets its sights on streaming to try to embarrass Twitch. According to TechChrunch . TikTok is experimenting with a new batch application for Windows that will allow streaming.  Sessions from the desktop Russia WhatsApp Number List of the computer.  (As Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Live already allow today).

Efforts The Company Formerly Known

Baptized with the name of TikTok Live Studio , the app is available in beta format and its access is currently Russia WhatsApp Number List restricted to a few users in some markets. Those who have already been able to sink their teeth into this application assure that.  It is still in a fairly incipient phase of development . But its objective Russia WhatsApp Number List seems clear in any case: try to put Twitch in trouble .

Russia WhatsApp Number List

As Facebook Has Made To Popularize

TikTok’s new streaming app is still in the testing phase TikTok Live Studio allows the user to direct video games.  Obtain images from external Russia WhatsApp Number List applications or show the full screen of the computer . The platform also includes the possibility of capturing the image of a smartphone screen.  Using external cameras and opting for both Russia WhatsApp Number List vertical and horizontal formats for streaming sessions.


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